On Writing Poetry

I think that I shall try to write a poem every day. But I will not attempt to try to write one every way.

For some techniques are very good, but others very worse, when daily trying to compose a novel piece of verse.

For instance, sitting in a chair and typing to a screen, is easier than painting words onto a lima bean.

It’s easier, for me at least, to go from left to right, and so much harder in the dark than writing in the light.

I also tend to write my words in languages I know, which leaves out Latin, French and Greek, and German, High and Low.

And when I write a funny verse I always try to rhyme (You’d know this if you read the thing I posted that one time).

I’ll never write a poem while I’m running from a bear, or while a midget barber washes, cuts, and dyes my hair.

No, never while I’m sleeping, and seldom in the rain, not when I wear a hard hat and operate a crane.

And not to mention all the forms I carefully eschew Like sonnets, odes, and limericks and Japanese haiku.

I’m just a simple rhymer, and I’m quite set in my ways. But that won’t stop me writing all the length and breadth of days.


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