O Gracious Dwelling
Marian Hymn for the Epiphany

O gracious dwelling of our King
Rise up and let the Magi in,
Who come to honor, laud and sing
The child who saves us from our sin.

You are the temple, you the star,
The tabernacle full of grace,
A host for pilgrims near and far,
On earth, the purest holy place.

From you, O Queen, O seat, O bride,
The greatest King is born to earth.
To Him and you the wise shall ride,
to gift and praise the Holy birth.

Your offspring shall our shepherd be,
and you our mother, evermore.
You, our grace, our life; and he
Our sure salvation, source, and store.

We offer gold and rich perfume,
And all the gifts we have to bring,
To praise the one who from your womb,
Came forth to be our Lord and King.

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